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Leavers Day Ideas for Primary School Teachers

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Make the Last Day of School a Special and Memorable Occasion for All As the end of the school year approaches, primary school teachers everywhere are dutifully toiling away in preparation for the last few days of term. If you want to do something extra special for your year 6 class this time around, these leavers days ideas will arm you with a wealth of top tips and inspiration. Leavers Assembly Ideas For a leavers assembly to be successful, it must be both fun and touching, with just the right…read more

How to Put On the Ultimate Year 6 Leavers Production

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Around this time of year, schools up and down the country will be getting ready for the imminent exodus of year 6 pupils. And yet, no matter how many years you have been teaching for, it’s always surprising just how emotional it can be saying goodbye to your ‘favourite year 6 class’. A year 6 leavers production can make the transition from primary to secondary education a less intimidating experience for your students whilst providing them with the recognition they deserve. A good leavers play or musical should reinforce their…read more

Top 6 Ideas for Primary School Leavers Assemblies

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How to Conduct a Primary School Leavers Assembly that is Fun, Moving and Memorable Choosing a suitable theme for your primary school leavers assembly can be tough. It should provide leavers with a bank of positive memories and enable them to progress to the next stage with confidence. It should facilitate what can be a rather emotional transition without being too heavy. This post summarises some of the best ideas for primary school leavers assemblies I have found, enabling you to conduct a leavers assembly that is happy yet moving;…read more