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A 5-Minute Guide to Yukata Kimono

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What is a yukata? First of all, what is a yukata when it’s at home? Put simply, it’s a casual style of Japanese kimono with straight seams and wide sleeves, typically worn after bathing and during the warmer months of the year. If you buy a kimono in the UK, chances are it’ll be a yukata like the ones shown here as opposed to a formal-style kimono such as a furisode, which are more elaborate and expensive, and somewhat laborious to put on. What is a yukata used for? The word…read more

Kimono in Modern Japan

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Modern vs. Vintage Kimono Styles The kimono has long been integral to our perception of Japan and Japanese culture. However, after World War II its popularity declined and now it tends to be reserved for traditional cultural events rather than for use as an everyday item of clothing.