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A 5-Minute Guide to Yukata Kimono

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What is a yukata? First of all, what is a yukata when it’s at home? Put simply, it’s a casual style of Japanese kimono with straight seams and wide sleeves, typically worn after bathing and during the warmer months of the year. If you buy a kimono in the UK, chances are it’ll be a yukata like the ones shown here as opposed to a formal-style kimono such as a furisode, which are more elaborate and expensive, and somewhat laborious to put on. What is a yukata used for? The word…read more

Where Did Blue and White Japanese Porcelain Come From?

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The Origins of Japanese Porcelain Japanese porcelain is one of the country’s oldest art forms, dating as far back as the Neolithic period. Blue and white Japanese porcelain is decorated by hand-stencilling or transfer-printing designs in blue cobalt oxide onto a plain white background before applying a glaze. Blue and white Japanese pottery is thought to have been influenced strongly by imports from the Middle East, and later on, China and Korea. As time progressed, Japanese potters developed a distinctive style of their own, which branched off further as various…read more


The Significance Of Japanese Lucky Animals

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What Are Japanese Lucky Animals? Japan has a deep and varied cultural history, and one large part of this is that of Japanese lucky charms and lucky animals, which symbolise some of the foundations of Japanese superstition. Like all cultures, Japan has its own unique superstitions and traditions that have been passed down through families and popular culture throughout the ages.