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Thought-Provoking Harvest Festival Ideas For Schools

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The Harvest Festival is a fantastic time of year. Both children and teachers have an opportunity to show their gratitude towards another great year, and the festival offers up an abundance of opportunity for moral and spiritual teaching. We have gathered our thoughts, bringing you some of the best harvest festival ideas for schools. They will help you to remind children to give thanks for the food they receive, provide a greater awareness of where it comes from and encourage them to reflect on those who are less fortunate.

Top 10 Songs for School (With Video Clips)

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Whether you’re seeking a song for a particular occasion or are idly browsing the web for inspiration, these top 10 songs for schools will get your class singing, clapping and stamping their feet in no time. These popular school songs for children are brought to you on behalf of Out of the Ark, a leading children’s songwriter and publisher. Top 10 School Songs The School Rule Song “Put your hand up, don’t call out / Sit up straight and please don’t shout…” Lay the ground rules at the beginning of term…read more

How to Celebrate Harvest Festival at Your School

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Harvest festival has been celebrated in Britain since the pagan times and has been an important event in the school and church calendar ever since. The traditions of the harvest event still exist today and the message of thanks remains significant for children celebrating this event across the country.


Top 3 Ideas for Harvest Festival

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How to Host a Fun and Inspiring Harvest Festival at Your School Harvest festival is an excellent opportunity to increase awareness and concern about food shortages in the developing world. Raising money to improve other people’s lives also helps children develop vital emotional skills such as empathy and a willingness to share. Here we share some of our favourite ideas for harvest festival that will inspire your class to help those in need and raise money for a good cause.