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Bedi Shield For Dental Care – Protective Oral Care

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One of the problems that those involved in the medical and care sectors often face, is administering oral care to patients in a safe manner. Dental care is difficult at the best of times, however in a care home environment, then the patient can often be difficult, or unable to allow the carer to access or keep their mouth open for long enough.


Combating Dementia – Helping Those Who Need It

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What Is Dementia? A recently held G8 summit (a gathering of the leaders of the 8 most powerful countries in the world) was dedicated to dementia and all the issues that come along with it, in order to come up with some ideas to help those who suffer from the condition; find a way to prevent it and help those who care for patients.


Caring For People With Dementia – What Can Be Done?

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Dementia is a condition that involves the loss of cognitive ability in a person. This occurs in a way that is different from the normal levels expected through aging. Sometimes it can have a progressive effect due to disease or damage, or be static (remain the same) if the sufferer has had an injury to their brain. Dementia is more prevalent in older people, however it can happen prior to aging and this is known as early onset Dementia.