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Best Scented Candles for Christmas on a Budget

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5 affordable Christmas candles that smell expensive The smoky aromas of a crackling log fire, a tang of sweet orange spiced with cinnamon and cloves… If you’re anything like me, there’s nothing quite like a warming fragrance to get you feeling festive. But if you’re shopping for scented Christmas candles on a budget, it’s easy to end up with one that smells artificial and sickly sweet, like the fragrance aisle in a knock-off homeware store. Even worse, some of the more devious brands scent only the top of the candle so that it smells deceptively good in the shop,…read more

Classroom Activities For Christmas

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What Christmas Activities Can You Try This Year? As the festive period approaches, children are likely to be getting excited about Christmas and all the fun that goes with it. There are many Christmas activities for schools that can help give your class a better understanding of the meaning behind this special time of year.