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Top 8 Sunday School Activities for Easter

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Tell the story of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection with these interactive Sunday school activities for Easter. In a society where the meaning of Easter has been obscured by the legions of chocolate bunnies and eggs lining supermarket shelves, valuable resources for Sunday schools can be difficult to come by. They are out there – it just takes a bit of looking. With this in mind, I thought I would share some of my best finds to help anyone who might be in need of some inspiration. Easter ideas for Sunday schools Have an…read more

5 Stimulating and Fun Ways to Teach the Easter Story

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As Easter approaches, there’s usually one thing on children’s minds: chocolate. And with cute bunnies and chicks dominating homes, shops and TV channels, it can be easy for them to forget or overlook the true meaning behind Easter. Here you’ll find some fun ways to teach the Easter story that will keep children on their toes whilst reinforcing the significance of this important time of year. Bring the Easter story to life with these creative ideas for teachers, parents and Sunday schools Easter songs Music provides one of the best…read more

How to Enhance Learning By Using Music in the Classroom

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The benefits of using music in the classroom are well documented. Carefully selected songs can give children more energy and motivation, put them in a positive mood, boost creativity, promote relaxation and focus, and make classes more fun and memorable. In order to use music effectively in the classroom, it’s important to pick the right tracks for particular purposes, occasions and topics. Here are some quick-fire suggestions… 10 ways to use music in the classroom As a warm-up before class. Some simple vocal warm-ups accompanied by actions can provide stimulation…read more

What is Cranial Remodelling?

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Flat head syndrome is a condition often seen in infants and characterised by an asymmetrical (plagiocephalic) or disproportionately wide (brachycephalic) head shape. Commonly referred to as ‘helmet therapy’, cranial remodelling aims to restore the skull to a more normal, symmetrical shape using a custom-moulded device known as a flat head syndrome helmet or cranial remodelling orthosis (CRO). What causes flat head syndrome? The main cause of flat head syndrome is external pressures on the back of the head. When a baby spends a lot of time sitting and lying down…read more

Plagiocephaly Intervention: Positioning and Remoulding

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Treatment protocols for nonsynostotic deformational plagiocephaly Plagiocephaly intervention must be considered with regard to several different factors. These include the infant’s age, the severity of the deformity and the presence or absence of related issues (facial deformity, torticollis, otitis media etc.). Close collaboration is required between the child’s parents, primary healthcare provider and any orthotic and craniofacial specialists involved. Stage 1: Repositioning Parents should begin repositioning from birth to minimise the risk of positional plagiocephaly developing. This involves placing the infant in prone positioning during play, and minimising pressure on…read more

Hair Loss in Children and Teenagers: A Parent’s Guide

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Discovering that your child has hair loss can trigger a huge mix of emotions. However, it’s important not to be too hard on yourself and instead to channel your energy into providing the love, care and emotional support that your child needs at this difficult time. This guide to hair loss in children and teenagers offers a combination of information, advice and resources to help you feel better equipped for the journey ahead. Before I begin, there’s something important to bear in mind. Although it may be easier said than…read more