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Old Meets New: Creating a Classic Contemporary Bathroom

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Envisage a classically styled bathroom brought up to date with modern, reliable engineering. By mixing and matching the best elements of traditional and contemporary bathrooms, you can create a unique space designed for modern living without compromising on character. Read on for some pointers on creating a classic contemporary bathroom that’ll rival the efforts of any interior designer. Classic contemporary bathroom design ideas The suite The best piece of advice I can offer you is to choose a freestanding bath. These work well in both traditional and modern bathroom settings…read more

What Are The Benefits Of A Copper Bath?

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What Is A Copper Bath? As the name suggests, a copper bath is a bathtub crafted from copper. These stunning baths add a sense of classical design to a bathroom, and a well suited to homes which are looking to have a traditional look and feel about them. Copper bathtubs are a form of roll top bath, and tend to be a lot more spacious than the acrylic bathtubs found in mainstream retailers.


How Do I Clean My Bathroom? Essential Bathroom Cleaning Products.

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Essential Bathroom Cleaning Products If you’re the owner of a business that deals with clients or the public, then you will understand the importance of having clean premises. One area that people are always quick to judge on; is the state of your toilets and bathrooms. Here we aim to point out what the essential bathroom cleaning products are in order to make your bathrooms and toilets a welcoming place.