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Making The Most Of A Petite Bathroom With A Cast Iron Bath

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Can I Have A Cast Iron Bath In A Smaller Bathroom? A Cast Iron Bath is a stunning piece of furniture to have in your bathroom, however not everyone has the luxury of having a huge amount of space for a full sized one. So is it possible to get a cast iron bath into a more petite bathroom? In short, the answer is yes, there are cast iron baths available that won’t give you as much luxury as a full size model, but are still vastly superior to an…read more


How Do I Create A Traditional Victorian Bathroom?

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Bathroom Design Tips Traditional Victorian Bathrooms are a popular style to have in a number of houses. The traditional bathroom is often suited to an older house, but it is a look that translates into a modern house too. This era was associated with growing prosperity and as such the Cast Iron Bath Company aim to help create a bathroom that reflects this.