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Relax In Style With A Cast Iron Bath

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Creating A Relaxing Bathroom To Unwind Over Christmas As Christmas is approaching, then the stress levels can begin to build up, what with the need to find the right presents for people, the stresses of preparing Christmas dinner for family and relatives, and all the other stresses of the festive season.


Making The Most Of A Petite Bathroom With A Cast Iron Bath

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Can I Have A Cast Iron Bath In A Smaller Bathroom? A Cast Iron Bath is a stunning piece of furniture to have in your bathroom, however not everyone has the luxury of having a huge amount of space for a full sized one. So is it possible to get a cast iron bath into a more petite bathroom? In short, the answer is yes, there are cast iron baths available that won’t give you as much luxury as a full size model, but are still vastly superior to an…read more


Bathe In Style With A Roll Top Bath

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Make A Design Statement With A Roll Top Baths From Period Dramas; to property shows there is a lot of exposure on television or in design magazines for the stylish bathroom furniture that is the roll top bath. These baths are becoming increasingly popular; however they’re still at the point where they have a special quality that means that they’re not a common feature in a lot of bathrooms therefore meaning you can stand out from the crowds.