Styles And Shapes Of Roll Top Baths

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Your bathroom is an important room in our home and one of the ones that gets used the most frequently. Therefore it is only sensible to make sure that you carefully consider the type of bath that you would choose to be the centrepiece of your room, along with the right accessories and complimentary furniture to accompany it. Most baths these days are either acrylic baths or baths made from metals like cast iron or copper.

One style of bath that has become increasingly fashionable and popular in recent times is that of the roll top bath. A roll top bath is a bath that tends to be free standing, with curved edges at the top, which provides a rounded effect all the way around the bath.

The Different Styles Of Roll Top BathCast Iron Bath With Claw Feet

Within the broad term of the roll top bath, there are a range of different styles of roll top bath that may be more suited to tastes or the layout of a room than others.

Firstly in terms of the materials that roll top baths are made from, the two main choices are cast iron and copper. In comparison to an acrylic bath; using these materials means that the water retains its heat longer and therefore helps to provide a better soaking experience. This is also helpful in terms of your water and energy bills.

One of the instantly recognisable and classic styles of roll top bath; is that of the slipper bath. Slipper baths can be either single ended (ideal for smaller bathrooms or those who just plan on soaking alone) or a double ended slipper bath (ideal for letting two people soak at once. The main distinctive features of these baths are that they have a raised end and then dip in the middle allowing you a comfortable soaking experience.

When it come s to cast iron slipper baths; there is no interference in the soaking experience in terms of comfort when it comes to taps and plug holes, as they are most often placed in the middle of the bath. This means that they have a unique visual format as well as allowing you to have a comfortable soaking experience. Being free standing also means that they have the potential to be placed in a master bedroom if room permits,

Bateau baths are another style of roll top bath which will be familiar to a number of people. They are a classic looking free standing bath that allows the bather to get comfortable in a long deep bath that holds a great volume of water.

The Advantages Of  A Roll Top Bath

If you can compare the two types of bath; then a roll top bath has some key advantages. The space and depth afforded to a bather make for a luxury indulgent soaking experience. In terms of looks and design, then a roll top bath adds a special charismatic appeal to a bathroom. As well as this, the desirability of a cast iron bath adds value to your home!