Sing Throughout Spring: Easter Songs for Children

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Celebrating spring in school is a great way to get children learning about the world around them and understanding the diverse traditions and cultures that make up the season. Springtime is the season of life as the changing of weather stimulates plant growth and blossoming flowers.

What’s more, during the spring many animals give birth to their young. Animals wait until the spring as there is lots of food available with crops flourishing and the hours of daylight and gradually extended meaning that they have longer to search for their food. The weather also gets warmer during spring, however this is combined with regular rainfall in anticipation of the summer heat, meaning crops and plants can maintain healthy despite increasing temperatures.

Another big event during spring is Easter. Easter is a Christian festival depicting Jesus’ last days on Earth, up until he came back to life on Easter Day. Easter can be celebrated in a number of ways in school, both religious and secular. During Easter, egg hunts are a popular tradition and keep children entertained. Another great way to celebrate is using Easter Songs to remember the meaning of the festival or simply to enjoy the event in a melodic way.

Easter Songs for Children is a valuable resource in schools, helping children to understand all the elements of celebration and remembrance at Easter. Whether you want to use


Easter Songs in class or in assemblies, a seasonal songbook will have school children singing throughout spring.


The S!ng Easter Songbook does exactly what it says on the tin. The songbook contains a dynamic collection of fun and energetic songs for children to enjoy and learn. This extensive assortment of songs combines everything from chocolate and Easter bunnies to the new life and natural developments of spring. The songbook also contains songs with religious significance, taking it back to the roots of the Christian festival. All the songs provide thought-provoking lyrics which discuss religious and natural elements of spring. Easter Songs for Children also provide opportunities for children to work together to create harmonies and perform in assemblies or class.

Out of the Ark provide valuable musical resources which help children learn and understand the world around them. They provide a number of Easter Songs in their various collections of seasonal songbooks which offer varying ways to appreciate Easter as a Christian festival and also a time to enjoy chocolate! To browse their full range visit their website and find your ultimate springtime singing selection!