How Songs About School Experiences Can Help Children Cope

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School Songs For Kids

School can be a fairly daunting place to those who have just started from nursery or preschool. Going from a small playful environment with high staff to child ratio; to a more rigid learning environment where there are fewer adults giving them individual attention and more structured lessons and days in place.

One way that you can help to explain the transitional period is by using songs about school experiences. These school songs for kids can help your class learn about the way in which the school day works, about why they go to school and about how to interact with others.

How School Songs Benefit Your Class

By teaching about a school day via song, then you can explain the concept of how schools work and why things happen, in a way that your children will find fun and engaging. School songs for kids are the ideal way to break the ice with your class and help them to start getting comfortable with their new surroundings.

School songs can help your class relieve stress when it comes to school, as they allow your children to express themselves and therefore they can get better at articulating their feelings, which means that if they need to they will be able to explain their problems to you clearly and easily.

Songs about school experiences will help to boost your class’s self confidence, as an overall group and on an individual basis. This ties in with the ability to relate their problems to you, and express themselves, as when they have confident then they have more chance of expressing themselves and speaking up for how they feel, as well as not being intimidated by events and changes.

You can use school songs for kids as a form reassurance, after all the transition is a big one and a new school is a completely different experience to being in a preschool. Children are likely to find you more accessible as a teacher if you are singing with them and taking part in fun activities. This will help them cope with the transition period.

What Are The best Songs About School Experiences?

There are a range of school songs ideal for helping children get familiar with the school day and routine, these include:

–          Songs For Every Singing School – a collection of songs that help children get involved with singing and are ideal for when your children are happy, sad or anything in between. These songs help your class cope and express emotions and themselves

–          Happy Sun High – Ideal for younger children to talk about the summer season, and get them used to the idea for the summer holidays, this will  prepare them for the fun to come in summer so that they don’t miss their friends too much

–          Songs For Every Happy Healthy School – this collection of songs is ideal for teaching your children with how to get on with one another and encourages learning about togetherness and the right way to behave; therefore helping them cope with the school experience and develop as people.