Relax In Style With A Cast Iron Bath

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Creating A Relaxing Bathroom To Unwind Over Christmasslipper-bath

As Christmas is approaching, then the stress levels can begin to build up, what with the need to find the right presents for people, the stresses of preparing Christmas dinner for family and relatives, and all the other stresses of the festive season.

Therefore with all this additional stress alongside the stresses of everyday life, it would be good to have a place that you can retreat to for a good relaxing soak and relax. One of the best places to do this is your bathroom. Investing in a cast iron bath as the centrepiece of a relaxing bathroom is one idea that will really help you create a stress free environment.

What Is A Cast Iron Bath?

As the name suggests, a cast iron bath is a bath constructed from cast iron, which is often deeper and longer than a a standard acrylic bath, allowing for a better soaking experience. This when combined with the fact that the material used in construction has excellent heat retention properties, this means that your bath will stay warmer for longer and therefore you will not need to top up your bath with hot water as often as is needed in an acrylic bath, which is good for the environment and your water and energy bills.

The strength of the materials that are used in a cast iron bath, means that they are hard to damage and scratch, which isn’t always the case in an acrylic bath. This also helps in terms of hygiene, as if the surface is unblemished then bacteria cannot build up. The surface of the bath also allows for better easier cleaning properties.

What Other Elements Can I Use To Make My Bathroom More Relaxing?

Alongside a cast iron bath, there are a number of other steps you can take to make sure that your bathroom is a relaxing place to be:salcombe-cast-iron-bath

–          Plantation Shutters – to really help to create some atmosphere in the bathroom and shut out the outside world in terms of cold and dark, then plantation shutters are the ideal investment. They will help keep your bathroom warm and cosy, and keep out the less than appealing elements of dark winters evenings, giving you the perfect chance to relax and soak in peace away from the realities of the world.

–          A cast iron radiator – this is the ideal compliment to your cast iron bath as it fits in to the same style as the one created by your bath and will keep your bathroom warm helping you feel comfortable and relaxed

–          Colours – when decorating your bathroom, it is advisable to choose colours that are associated with peace and calm. Rich shades of blue or green are ideally suited to creating a calming atmosphere, as well as deep purples and reds as an alternative can help you make a special place to go and enjoy a long relaxing soak.

–          Incense – Some Japanese incense will really help you to enhance your relaxing experience, as it will allow you to fill your bathroom with a range of luxurious scents that will help you really unwind and enjoy your bathing experience through a range of senses!

These are just some ideas of how to make a bathroom which features a cast iron bath an even more relaxing environment, there are plenty of ways in which you can transform your bathroom so that it becomes a special relaxing place. A cast iron bath is the ultimate investment in treating yourself to something that will let you relax and unwind in style to forget the stresses of Christmas. Adding in plantation shutters will help you have an unrivaled control over the light levels in your bathroom, as well as airflow, meaning that you can keep a better control over the temperature of your bathroom all year round.