Why Do Doctors And Nurses Wear Medical Uniforms?

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What Are Medical Uniforms

Medical uniforms are outfits that have worn by those in the medical professions. They have evolved over time and are design for wear by a range of professionals, such as doctors, nurses and dentists; however for most people who are involved in the handling and care of patients then there is a form of uniform.

Medical uniforms have evolved over time; at one point surgeons would wear an apron and their own clothes underneath. Nurses uniforms have developed overtime as the role and importance of nurses has changed; and now both doctors and nurses are often found wearing various versions of scrubs.

Reasons For Wearing Medical Uniforms

Medical uniforms and scrubs are worn for a number of reasons, including:

Protection when working in a hospital or other form of medical environment then it is highly possible that you can come into contact with all manner of unpleasant substances. Medical uniforms keep you safe from things such as bodily fluids and the rugs used on patients. Scrubs can easily be deposited in the laundry; and have the durability to last for a number of washes. Their value for money pricing means they are cost effective to replace

Prevent Contamination –  medical uniforms are designed to be a simple as possible. A simple garment, means that there are less places for bacteria and contamination to develop and multiply. Scrubs are only won in a hospital environment and need to be regularly cleaned so that infectious diseases are not spread via clothing, and should be regularly replaced to avoid contamination.

Comfort – those in the medical profession often have long shifts and are on their feet around the ward for lengthy periods of time. Therefore it is important that the medical uniforms that they wear are practical and comfortable, to allow the right freedom of movement, comfort and also so that they are not too hot or cold.

Recognition and Sense Of Team – as with any type of uniform, medical uniforms are designed to differentiate the medical team from the general public so that they can get around easily to where they need to be and so that the patients and families know to put their trust in them.

Do I Need A Medical Uniform

If you are getting involved in the medical or care professions then it is highly likely that in a patient facing and handling role you will require a uniform. In order keep the risk of spreading infectious diseases and in the interests of personal hygiene and patient well being, then it is important to take all precautions possible, from wearing scrubs to proper hand washing and using products to neutralise any threat of spreading contamination and upholding a clean environment wherever possible.