The Magic Behind Raquel Welch Wigs

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Often associated with hair loss and illness, wigs have been deemed a necessity item rather than a fashion choice. In recent years however, wigs have made a fashion comeback and ladies are now searching for their perfect wig out of a desire for an instant style transformation akin to their celebrity role models.

And the biggest celebrity advocate for ladies wigs? Well it has to be Raquel Welch! Raquel Welch is infamous for wearing wigs for many years now and despite the years rolling on for Raquel, the magic of her wigs keeps her looking younger than ever! It’s no wonder the Raquel Welch Wigs Collection is so popular amongst women of all ages today.

raquel-welch-1With so many ‘solutions’ to the perfect hairdo, wigs often become an afterthought. Yet as ladies become busier in their daily lives, time-consuming extensions, enhancers and toppers just can’t give you that ‘fresh-out-the-salon’ look in the little time we have to spare. But Raquel Welch Wigs come to the rescue, providing the perfect solution for an instant celebrity look.
Raquel Welch famously said in her 2010 autobiography Raquel: Beyond the Cleavage “with the aid of a wig, I have more versatility in my life, and so can you!” And versatility really is the key here as one of her wigs can give you as much freedom as if your salon inspired tresses sprung naturally from your own head!
Raquel Welch Wigs come in beautiful array of colours and styles leaving you spoilt for choice. Here’s a couple of my favourites that will leave you looking as fabulous as Raquel herself. First up is the Cover Girl Wig. The name really does speak for itself as this cropped contemporary style will have you looking like you’ve just stepped out of a magazine cover! The subtle height at the raquel-welch-2crown allows the choppy layers to fall naturally as a fringe and the versatile (there’s that word again!) side layers on this wig can be worn playfully towards the face or swept neatly behind the ears, you’re in charge!
Raquel Welch really does have a knack when choosing her wig names and this next one is no exception. Her Star Quality Wig gives you the confidence to feel fabulous as this wig provides everything you need to look like a star. This is one of Raquel’s most natural pieces with a perfect shoulder length that exudes femininity.  What’s more, the designers have thinned the density of this style so it replicates the thickness of human hair, perfect for creating an understated, natural look.raquel-welch-3

So what are you waiting for? Delve into our beautiful range of Raquel Welch Wigs and achieve the style you’ve always wanted but never quite had the courage to try out! People will never guess you’re wearing one… that secret can stay between you and Raquel.