Quick and Easy Christmas Play Ideas

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What to Do if You’ve Left Your Christmas Play Until the Last Minute

No matter how much anticipation there might be for the annual Christmas play, the last minute panic is inevitable. But if you think you might have left it too late, think again. These quick and easy Christmas play ideas will help you put on a nativity at your school or church – even if you’ve only left yourself a few weeks.

5 Easy Christmas Play Ideas and Tips

1. Take advantage of pre-written Christmas play scripts

Quick and easy Christmas play ideas - Christmas play scriptChoosing from a range of tried and tested Christmas plays is a great way to cut straight to the casting process without having to plan everything from scratch. Several of these quick and easy Christmas plays include character lists and staging suggestions, and some also come with audio CDs containing backing and vocal tracks. This is particularly useful because you won’t have to get the music teacher involved or try to learn the pieces yourself.

2. Don’t sweat if they are unable to learn all their lines

This is a school or church Christmas play, not a West End masterpiece, so don’t worry if the children haven’t learn their lines by the time the big day comes around. Supply scripts to those with the key roles, and have a prompt on hand in case the nerves get on top of anyone. You could even choose a Christmas play script with Words on Screen™ to help children rehearse and perform the play with relative ease. This interactive piece of software projects the lyrics onto a screen and highlights the words in synchrony with the music.

3. Warn parents about costume and prop requirements ASAP

Parents will not be amused if you leave it until three days before the dress rehearsal to ask for their help with costumes and props. Send out letters as soon as you have established the cast list, also inviting parents to attend the play and explaining the booking process. If you really have left it until the last minute, see if the children can make their own props and costumes in art class.

4. Never underestimate the importance of understudies

In the panic that comes with putting on a Christmas play at the last minute, it can be easy to forget all about understudies. But failing to do so is shooting yourself in the foot, because as soon as an important cast member falls ill or succumbs to a bout of nerves (fairly likely given the circumstances) the whole thing will be ruined. Make sure you have at least one understudy for each major part and ensure they are familiar with the script for their designated role.

5. Stage a Christmas sing-along instead

Childrens christmas songs from Out of the ArkIf rehearsing and performing a Christmas play still seems unrealistic in the time that you have left, why not get the kids onstage for a festive sing-along instead? Choose a selection of traditional and modern children’s Christmas songs and practice them in the classes leading up to the big day.


I hope these quick and easy Christmas play ideas have helped reduce the stress and given you some inspiration for this year’s nativity. Just remember to keep things simple, and the rest should fall into place in good time for the performance. Good luck!