Putting A Cast Iron Bath In A Petite Bathroom

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To Make The Most Of A Smaller Bathroom With  A Cast Iron Bath

A cast iron bath is an extremely attractive piece of bathroom furniture that makes a fantastic centrepiece to any room, and even in its smaller guise gives a more relaxing bathing experience. It’s often questioned as to whether or not a cast iron bath will fit into a smaller bathroom – as not everyone is blessed with space for one reason or another.

In short, the answer is yes, there are cast iron baths available that won’t give you as much luxury as a full size model, but are still vastly superior to an acrylic bath that you find in a high street or chain store.Cast Iron Bath With Claw Feet

Benefits Of A Cast Iron Bath In A Smaller Bathroom

Compared to an acrylic bath tub, then there are a range of benefits that make them a worthwhile investment no matter the size of your bathroom, as they can be tailored to suit. Some benefits include:

–          Depth – although they are smaller than a standard cast iron bath in length terms, there is still additional depth in comparison to an acrylic bath, allowing for more water and bubbles, so you can have a pleasurable soak, and not worry about overspill.

–          Strength – small cast iron baths, like standard ones are a lot stronger and therefore more durable than an acrylic bathtub. This means that it is harder to damage the surface, and scratches and blemishes are a lot harder to cause, so if you have young children who like to take toys to bath time then there is less risk of damage!

–          Hygiene – a small cast iron bath is the hygienic option for any home, as they are easy t clean, if you leave them to soak in hot water and mild detergent. Alongside this, the surface of a cast iron bath is not a good place for a bacteria to thrive, especially when the strength prevents cracks and scratches appearing, thus helping the hygiene qualities of the bath.

–          Heat Retention – unlike an acrylic bath, a cast iron bath has excellent heat retention properties, due to the materials used in construction. In tandem with this, a smaller cast iron bath should have better heat retention properties as there is less surface area for heat to escape from. This in turn will mean you don’t have to add additional hot water, thus saving you on water and energy costs.

–          Customisation – cats iron baths have additional freedom when it comes to making them unique to you, unlike a mass produced acrylic bath – you can customise the taps, the feet, the wastes and have them in a colour of your choice. Alongside this, if you wished you could have a freestanding cast iron bath in your bedroom if room permits, meaning you could have the luxury soaking experience without leaving the room!

Would My Bathroom Suit A Small Cast Iron Bath?

A Small Cast Iron Bath makes a great addition to a whole range of bathrooms, in a variety of styles. If you are going to start your new bathroom design from scratch, then using the cast iron bath as the centrepiece is a great beginning, and then you can build your ideas around it. You can create a running theme of a traditional bathroom, by investing in some Victorian style additions such as a classically styled wash basin with a pedestal; and a classic design of toilet.

If you have your small cast iron bath free standing, then using a stand pipe instead of traditional taps would add a touch of tradition and class and help build up the period feel. Similarly, adding some stylish claw feet to the bottom of your bath will make it even more unique to your style.