Privacy and Security Benefits of Plantation Shutters

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Plantation shutters are also commonly referred to as louvered or colonial shutters. They have been the choice of many homeowners for decades as a result of the wide range of benefits they offer – one of which is their ability to offer privacy and security.

Plantation Shutters

Many believe that plantation shutters have the ability to ward off potential burglars as they appear difficult to dismantle. By angling your shutters not only will you be able to control the amount of light that you let into our home, but also how much of your home will be visible to the outside world. This will ensure that the wondering eyes of passersby won’t be able to inside and watch what you and your family are doing.

Furthermore, by positioning your shutters in this way when you leave your home not only will your belongings remain out of sight, but it will also create the impression that somebody as at home. Some shutters are lockable which will help add a further level of security to deter away potential burglars.

Shutters are especially ideal for rooms that boast a lot of window space such as conservatories. When used as conservatory shutters they will keep the room secure when you are at home and while you’re away, as well as come in handy on hot summer days when they can be slightly closed to keep your conservatory cool.

Conservatory Shutters

Unlike more traditional window coverings, shutters can be divided into different sections. This is especially ideal for windows that are awkwardly shaped and allows you to open certain sections separately. For example, you may want the top part of your window to be open for light or for viewing purposes, and the bottom section to be closed for privacy.

The shutters are extremely durable and therefore considered to be more of an investment than simply a window dressing. They require little maintenance and can be quickly and easily cleaned with a wet cloth.

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