Preparing Your Hotel For Christmas With The Essential Cleaning Products

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Get The Right Cleaning Products This Christmas

As Christmas approaches, it can be a hugely busy time for the hotel trade, as people travel across the country to visit relatives; but there may not be room for them to stay at the house. Therefore, as the time of the year is a special one, you want to be giving off the best possible first impression to your guests. Another possibility is that people are looking for somewhere to stay after an office Christmas party.

The best way to do this is to ensure that you have the right cleaning products to hand to so that you can present a clean welcoming environment. The chances are that people may be staying with you for the first time over the Christmas period, whether it is because they are at a party or visiting relatives. However by making a good impression the first time around, then you can potentially secure some future repeat business; whether it is from them or from them recommending you to a friend. .

The Essential Cleaning Products For Your Hotel This Year


Some of the cleaning essentials you might need for cleaning your plantation shutters

Some of the cleaning products you should have to hand when preparing for a busy festive season include:

–          Micro Fibre Cloths – these versatile cleaning cloths are the ideal cloth for a huge range of surfaces, and are strong and durable, meaning they will last you a long time. Another benefit of micro fibre cloths is that they are made up in a way that means they trap dirt and bacteria so as not to spread contamination from surface to surface.

–          Non Biological Laundry Detergent – at busy times, then your hotel’s laundry powers are going to be tried to their limits, as a lot of guests means a lot of towels and bedding that need to be washed. Non bio products are the best option for the comfort of your guests, as some people can have allergies that are set off by the biological components of other detergents, however these may be better at cleaning bed linen

–          Bathroom Cleaner – The bathroom is an important part of the hotel experience, and it is important to have a bathroom for guests which is welcoming and they feel comfortable using. Bathroom cleaner is an essential cleaning product for anyone in the hospitality or catering business, as it allows you to get your bathrooms and toilets looking at their best, as well as being hygienic for your guests.

–          Industrial Bleach – This is used for keeping areas such as drains, toilets and bathroom surfaces clean and free from germs. This stops bacteria forming which could harmful to those that live in the care home.

–          Effective Disinfectant – protects against germs which can cause illness, by being formulated to combat their growth and multiplication.

–          Gloves – For the safety of your staff or yourself it is important to have some appropriate gloves to keep your hands protected from chemicals, and protect your skin. Having some heavy duty rubber gloves should be an essential consideration whenever chemicals are involved.

What Are The Best Cleaning Products?

Different people will have different needs when it comes to cleaning products. For example if you’re a hotel non bio wash powder or detergent may be a sensible move as some people have an allergy to the biological compounds in bio wash powder.

Having the right combination of products and chemicals for cleaning surfaces where bacteria can grow is an important, as mentioned, microfiber cloths are one excellent way to handle cleaning surfaces in a way that won’t spread germs and cross contaminate other surfaces.