Plantation Shutters – The Hygienic Window Covering

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How To Keep Your Plantation Shutters Clean    

Plantation shutters are a window covering that offer a great deal of flexibility to a home, in comparison to coverings such as curtains and blinds. Made from a range of woods, depending on the style that you choose, give you a great level of control over the levels of light that you let in; making for a better sleep.

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Plantation Shutters In A Living Room

They stand out from the crowd, as they are easily customisable, and because they are wooden also provide a good deterrent to would be thieves due to them appearing as a solid barrier behind the window from the outside world.


In terms of hygiene and cleanliness, plantation shutters also have the edge over their rivals made from fabric. Because they are made of wood, they are easy to care for and wipe down, and an additional cleanliness advantage the have – especially for those  with allergies is that there is nowhere for dust mites and other parasites to live and breed.

Because of the way that they are made up of cloth and other fibres, curtains and blinds tend to be ideal breeding grounds for dust mites to breed. This affects those with conditions such as asthma eczema and rhinitis. As there is nowhere for dust mites to breed, then they are better for those who suffer from these conditions.


Alongside this, in comparison to curtains and blinds the cleaning of plantation shutters is alot easier than curtains or fabric blinds. There is no need to take them off and put them in the washing machine as you would have to do with these, as such you can have them in place and if you keep on top of them they will retain their as new look.

How To Clean Plantation Shutters:

On a regular basis, such as weekly, it is a good idea to use the extension of your vacuum cleaner to go over the louvres of the blinds in order to keep the levels of dust that may form low, as no matter where you are then dust builds up through everyday life.

Following on from this, if you are leaving your plantation shutters in their natural bare wooden state then every month or so – ideally less then it is a wise idea to have a dusting cloth, apply a little wood polish to it, and then go over the louvres and the frame of the shutters, to give them  a more thorough cleaning than your weekly routine.

Alternatively if you have painted your plantation shutters, then using a little warm water and a mild household cleaning product such as washing up liquid or a non bio detergent should suffice – it is recommended that you don’t use bleach in these situations.

Which Is The Best Window Covering?plantation-shutters-dark-wood

All window coverings have their individual merits, however plantation shutters have an advantage in that they keep those who suffer allergies from being exposed to dust as much, and also their striking looks and control of light levels make them clear personal favourites!