Planning An Edwardian Bathroom

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Edwardian Basins And Toilets As Part Of Your Bathroom Design

When it comes to bathroom design, then you need to get a clear idea in mind about what sort of look and feel you are going for, and then work out what you need to incorporate into this, in order to get the desired look. A bathroom is made of a variety of components. Normally the style of bath or shower that you choose will be the centrepiece of the room and then you can focus your design efforts around this.slipper-bath

If you’re going for a traditional look, such as an Edwardian bathroom, it is quite likely that a from of roll top bath will play a part in the design, as these are traditional style baths that allow for luxurious soaking that were prevalent at the time. Therefore if it is a Edwardian bathroom that you are aiming for, then you would want to match these with a Stylish Edwardian Toilet and Basin Combination.

The Benefits Of Edwardian Basins And Toilets

When it comes to Edwardian bathroom design there are a number of benefits of choosing Edwardian basins and toilets including:

–          Continuity – you can have a cast iron bath or other roll top bath in any number of styles of bathroom, however when you choose a traditional Edwardian Basin and Toilet, then you will have a look that flows in your bathroom and it will have a clearly defined style. This can also be worth considering for a hotel that has a classic feel throughout.

–          Luxury – the quality of design and materials used in Edwardian Basins and Toilets are often far superior to the modern ones used. This means that they compliment the  luxurious bath that you have and make the atmosphere seem like one that is grander than a modern day standard bathroom.

–          Style – the style of an Edwardian basin and toilet is a unique one that will look a lot classier and more elegant in your bathroom. Choosing the right colours for the walls and floor of your bathroom can help you to create a sense of opulent style that will make the room great to relax in

–          Home Value – the value of your house is going to increase if you invest in a bathroom that is attractive and appealing. In an understated classic fashion. Roll top baths especially are a sought after feature that are growing

in popularity, and as such it is worth thinking about one of these for your own benefit and for future resale of your property.


What Else Would Add To An Edwardian Bathroom?

Alongside Edwardian Basins And Edwardian Toilets, then you might want to consider investing in a cast iron radiator to compliment the traditional look of your Edwardian bathroom. This will help create a flowing coherent style to your bathrooms design; as well as keeping it warm and being the ideal way to keep towels warm and dry.