New Sensory Products on the Market

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Due to the wide range of benefits they offer, there are always a number of new sensory products available on the market. And although they all have their own unique features, they do have one thing in common which is that they are used to stimulate and improve the sensory skills of those who use them.

Here are some of the new sensory products currently available;

Aurora LED Projector

This projector is ideal to use in smaller rooms as it boasts a shorter projection distance and can easily be fixed to the ceiling or placed on top of a table to use. It is compatible with most standard projector accessories such as wheel rotators and effects cassettes and is quiet and easy to use.

Sensory Surface

Underwater Rainbow Pack

This product can be used in place of your existing pool lamps to create an exciting underwater environment that is perfect for storytelling and creating themes. The LED lamps can be easily installed and controlled by a wireless switch and different colours can be used to help teach and develop skills such as colour recognition.

Sensory Surface

This surface is a fixed unit that works to create an interactive floor via the use of an innovative projection system. It is an effective way to encourage movement, giving users the notion that they are immersed in a different world to explore.  This product is also available in a portable version which includes a mobile stand

Sensory Express

The Sensory Express is available in both a Calming and Interactive option, allowing you to choose one to suite the type of environment you wish to create. The product can also be used to teach other important life skills such as cause and effect, movement and colour recognition, with the Calming version also promoting the desired effect of relaxation.

Infinity Corner

This product combines a multi-coloured floor mat with a corner mirror to give the illusion that the patterns are never ending. Children particularly find this fascinating and can spend a long time exploring the aspect it in the reflection.

Bubble Tube

Bubble tubes are one of the most popular and widely known sensory products available. This one however has a unique touch sensitive element to it changes its colour when one of the four colours on the base of the tube is touched.

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