What is the Most Luxurious Bed Linen?

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Sleep is one of the most fundamental elements of physical and mental wellbeing. However, many of us continue to toss and turn night after night between cheap synthetic sheets, leaving us feeling tired and deflated during the day. Luxury bed linen is much softer and more absorbent than its second-rate counterparts, ensuring a far more pleasant night’s sleep. This guide will help you find the most luxurious bed linen to suit your personal preferences.

Choosing the Most Luxurious Bed Linen

Most luxurious bed linenThe first important point to note is that one size does not fit all. Some people like their sheets silky while others prefer them starchy. Your choice of bed linen is also likely to depend on the season, as some weaves are particularly suitable for warm weather while others are better for colder times of year.

Bearing these facts in mind, let’s take a look at some of the things you should take into consideration when trying to find the most luxurious bed linen for you.


100 per cent Egyptian cotton makes for the most luxurious bed linen of all. Egyptian cotton bed linen is comprised of exceptionally long fibres, making it the softest, most absorbent, most durable option. However, it is relatively expensive so if it’s beyond your budget, opt instead for carefully sourced cotton with a decent thread count (see below). Just make sure it’s pure cotton rather than a synthetic blend, which are inferior in terms of softness, absorbency and durability.


Bed linen weaves fall into several categories. Which one you choose depends on what you like the feel of, and whether you want your sheets to keep you warm or cool. Medium to heavyweight weaves such as flannel are best for winter as they have a cosy, warm and fluffy feel. For summer, choose lightweight to medium weaves like cotton percale, which is smooth and crisp yet absorbent. Sateen weaves are lustrous and silky but don’t tend to be as absorbent as percale, so they are best kept for spring and autumn.

Thread Count

While thread count is not the be all and end all as many people think, it can be useful as a guide as to the look and feel of your bed linen. Generally speaking, the higher the thread count, the smoother and denser the sheet will feel. Thread count often coincides with the type of weave:

  • Plain, low-density weaves: 50 – 140tc
  • Flannel: 150 – 200tc
  • Percale: 200 – 300tc
  • Sateen and high thread count percale:  350 – 750tc


If you’re not sure where to find the most luxurious bed linen, it’s worthwhile researching some of the best brands. About Home has a guide to the top six luxury bedding manufacturers that includes high-end names like Frette, Pratesi and Yves Delorme, all of which are prized for the quality of their sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers.


Elisa Italian cotton sateen bedlinenOnce you have established what you want from your luxury bed linen, it’s time to set about finding a supplier that you can trust. This will ensure that the product is genuine and kept to a high standard, and that you’re getting a fair price for it. One such supplier is Woods Fine Linens, a store based in North Yorkshire with an online shop that delivers throughout the UK.

Woods has a reputation for supplying some of the most luxurious bed linen in the UK. Their range includes luxury sheets, pillowcases and duvet colours from Frette, Pratesi, Yves Delorme and many others. Visit www.woodsfinelinens.com/bedding to browse their selection and order online.