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How Time Saving Construction Methods Are The Way Forward

One of the issues that has faced civilisation for a long time; is how to develop a building technique for homes, that is both  fast and results in the building being a strong safe structure. Modern building techniques have allowed for this to become a reality. Time saving construction methods are now available to ensure that you can create a structure on a tight timescale; which will stand the test of time and hold up strongly against the elements.

What Are Time Saving Construction Methods

As the name suggests Time Saving Construction Methods are building techniques that allow you to build a structure quickly, effectively and cleanly. One of the best ways to ensure that this happens is by using prefabricated construction materials.

One of the best examples of the ease in which this works, are structural insulated panels. Also known as SIPs, these are panels that are put together off site in a factory environment and then transported to the construction site. SIPs panels can be used for walls, floors or in roof construction; and offer better air tightness, insulation and structural strength.

A Structural Insulated Panel is constructed from  an insulated core – this is often polyurethane  or expanded polystyrene. These are then coated in two parallel exterior strips of oriented strand board – or OSB. This results in them being a lightweight as well as a time saving construction method.

Other benefits of Time Saving Construction Methods and Modern Building Techniques

Alongside speed of construction, some modern building techniques and other time saving building methods include:

–          Insulation – by keeping your home naturally warmer in winter  and cooler in the summer, modern building techniques will result in your lifestyle being more comfortable; as well as reducing your need to use heating

–          Lower bills – if a home is well insulated then it is going to require a lot less energy to be warm or cold when required.  This means that with less strains on your appliances then there will be less cost in terms of heating and air conditioning bills. At a time when the cost of energy is continually rising, this makes modern building techniques look a sensible option.

–          Better for the environment.- as well as saving money and helping the temperature of your home; these building techniques and materials are better for the environment, as they result in fewer emissions from your home, and similarly fewer from power stations as less power is required. If you combine this with some of your own self sustaining power then you can actually often make a profit by putting back into the national grid.

If you think that you or your building project could benefit from the use of time saving construction methods such as sips; and other modern building techniques, then contact Clays LLP today!