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Is There an Affordable Alternative to a Tempur Mattress?

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Tempur is often a name that many people associate with memory foam mattresses. They are a big brand however they are also renowned for being expensive. We spend a lot of time assessing the needs of what our customers want and what the market has to offer then work on our products to match this. One thing that we find time and again, is that our customers want a high quality mattress in order to get a good night’s sleep. Therefore at Memory Foam Warehouse we aim to deliver this,…read more

How Long Does A Memory Foam Mattress Last?

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When you buy a mattress, then you are making an investment, as you reap the benefits of a better night’s sleep which in turn has health benefits for you. As with many things, the quality of the memory foam mattress that you choose will have a significant bearing on how long it will last for. What makes a memory foam mattress so unique is its open cell and visco elastic material construction. One clear cut way to tell the quality of a memory foam mattress, is to find out its…read more