Japanese Dinner Parties With Japanese Tableware

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How To Host A Japanese Themed Party

Japanese culture is something that holds a lot of interest for many people in the UK, possibly because it is very different to our own and that adds a sense of intrigue about it. A Japanese themed party has the potential to be popular in your circle of friends, as it offers the chance to do something a little out of the ordinary and to try new things with your friends!japanese-bowls

How Do I Create A Japanese Theme?

A western home is a lot different to one that would be found in Japan, however to create the Japanese theme, using Japanese tableware to serve your Japanese food on is one place to start. This could be seen as a long term investment, as it allows you to have a different way of presenting meals, so that even when you’re not in the process of having a Japanese themed party, you can have a striking range of tableware that will get your dinner guests talking.

Japanese Food

The food that you serve at a Japanese Themed party will be an important factor, if you want the evening to be a success. Take into consideration any special dietary needs your guests may have. Some potential ideas for food to serve include:

–          Sushi – the popular preconception is sushi is simply raw fish, however it is a range of foods, consisting of vinegared rice with other ingredients – including but not exclusive to raw fish.

–          Teriyaki Dishes – this is a cooking technique where  meat is broiled or grilled while it is basted in a marinade that consists of soy sauce, mirin and sugar. In Japan this is often fish whereas western takes on it use meats such as beef or chicken.

–          Rice dishes – these form a staple of traditional cuisine, with a white rice usually accompanied with one or a number of main dishes for flavour

–          Sake – although not a food, this is traditional rice wine and is accompanied by courses that don’t also contain rice during a meal.

Traditional Japanese Tableware is a great way of serving these, as it  allows you to present the food in its traditional manner and also helps add to the theme of the event.

Japanese Tableware – What To Consider Getting

There is a whole host of Japanese Tableware that will really make your Japanese themed party stand out from other dinner parties your friends may host, some great ideas include:japanese-tea-set

–          Bamboo Place Mats – these go well with any dining table, so they wouldn’t just be limited to you doing themed events, and add a unique touch to any table, as well as being the ideal compliment to Japanese tableware

–          Japanese Tea Sets – tea is a big part of Japanese culture and as such having a Japanese Tea Set on hand to allow you to serve it in a way that suits the theme would make your night stand out.

–          Japanese Bowls – the perfect way to serve a range of Japanese course, they add a touch of the east and look fantastic in any home

Additional Ideas For A Japanese Themed Party

Alongside Japanese Tableware and Japanese food, there are a few other suggestions that may add an additional element to the event. Having a colour scheme of red and gold creates a rich luxurious effect and adds a feel of the east. Simple ideas such as placing fans around the table and providing some chopsticks for your guests will help bolster the Japanese Theme of your party.chopsticks