Iwata – 50 Years Of Airbrushes!

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50 Years Of Iwata Airbrushes

The Iwata Medea airbrush company is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year; and to mark the occasion, it has commissioned a special edition airbrush with a limited run of 1000 worldwide. This special edition airbrush is the classic Iwata HP-C airbrush, each is engraved with the number of the batch that it is, and comes with a special blue metal case; so that if you decided not to use it and keep it for the collector’s item value; you can do so and present it well!

An airbrush is a device that is used for applying various fluids to a specific surface, using pressurised air. The fluid is often paint; surfaces can be versatile from models to skin to food. Different types of paint are used for each different use; for food the paint is edible, in terms of body art sometimes the airbrush is used for spray tan; whereas the paint used for airbrushing in models and other hobby related projects is often acrylic.iwata-hp-c-50

The use of airbrushes is a combination of both professional and hobby usage. The modelling community is one that is quietly popular, and airbrushes are the perfect way to add the best finishing touches to a model, as they allow for a range of options when it comes to detailing.

Airbrushes allow for a much tighter degree of close control over the work you’re undertaking, as such this means that the finish that you get, is much more detailed than that you would get if you were to be painting by hand. This means that the end products come out as more accurate representation of the real world item it is meant to be.

An airbrush is a versatile tool, and there are a range of options available. Depending on how you plan on using your airbrush you should also take the other requirements into consideration. The air source for the pressurised air is one of the main thinks to choose. Some people like to use a compressor, whereas others use aerosol air or bottled air. A clean consistent air supply is one of the key factors for airbrushing, however if you aren’t likely to airbrush regularly, then aerosols are likely the more sensible air supply, whereas those seriously into the hobby would see benefit from investing in a compressor.

Depending on what you are using your airbrush for, it is a sensible idea to consider having a spray booth. This device is designed to keep you safe from the harmful fumes that can come off certain modelling paints, as well as avoiding fire and explosion which can be caused by flammable fumes coming into contact with sources of sparking.

If you are looking into getting involved in the world of airbrushing, then it is seriously worth considering an Iwata product. These airbrushes are a reliable and versatile tool and will help produce some outstanding results.  Iwata also produce a range of compressors and other products that would compliment an airbrush and help you get the best results possible.