Is There an Affordable Alternative to a Tempur Mattress?

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Tempur is often a name that many people associate with memory foam mattresses. They are a big brand however they are also renowned for being expensive. We spend a lot of time assessing the needs of what our customers want and what the market has to offer then work on our products to match this.

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One thing that we find time and again, is that our customers want a high quality mattress in order to get a good night’s sleep. Therefore at Memory Foam Warehouse we aim to deliver this, at a much more affordable price than that of a Tempur mattress.

We know that Tempur are a reputable trusted brand producing high quality memory foam mattresses but with this comes a hefty price tag – often this is prohibitive to being able to afford one, even considering the benefits of them. Therefore at Memory Foam Warehouse we have dedicated time and effort into creating affordable alternatives to the Tempur range, so that we can provide our customers with a good night’s sleep at a more pocket friendly price.Memory Foam Warehouse

Why is Memory Foam Warehouse an Affordable Alternative to a Tempur Mattress?

There are a number fo ways in which our mattresses can compete and be an affordable alternative to a Tempur Mattress, some of those include:

  • Density – The density of Tempur foam is 85kg/m3 this means that it offers a high level of support. The Outlast ultra mattress from Memory Foam Warehouse is 60kg/m3. This may be less dense however the density is still high and as such gives a fantastic level of support and will, mould to the contours of your body allowing your spine to be well aligned through the nigh and as such reduce the tossing and turning meaning you get a good sleep
  • Depth – the Outlast mattress has a memory foam depth of 7cm memory foam layer, offering optimum comfort and support. This is a dual layer of HD memory foam. The Original 20 has a Tempur foam depth of 9cm, comprising of a 2cm comfort layer and 7cm support layer. This means that there isn’t a huge amount to choose between the two.
  • Cover – the Outlast mattress features a removable and washable cover approved by NASA which is space certified technology. Outlast material effectively draws out and stores heat energy from the body, and then releases it when you need it, meaning you won’t be too hot or too cold, but just right during the night. The Tempur mattress features a removable and washable polyester cover.
  • Price – the biggest difference between the two is the price. A Tempur Original 20 mattress will cost you £1699 whereas a double Memory Foam Warehouse Outlast Ultra 1000 mattress will cost you just £349.99! As you can see that’s a difference of £1349.01 – you could get yourself a new bed and new bedroom furniture as well as a mattress and still have change!

With an outlast mattress from Memory Foam Warehouse, you can have a deep and restful sleep without the cost of a Tempur mattress. If you want to know more about what we have to offer, then contact us today!