How To Keep Your Catering Kitchen Clean – What Janitorial Products to Use?

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What Catering Chemicals and Janitorial Products Do I Need?

Any kitchen used for catering will always get messy during a busy shift, and as such there’s always the need for a proper clean down at the end of the day, to both ensure that you don’t leave anything messy for next shift, and also to make sure that you avoid any trouble if there is an impromptu visit from the Food Standards Agency. Obviously it’s a good idea to clean as you go anyway, but what janitorial products do you need to have a clean hygienic kitchen?

All the surfaces in your kitchen should be appropriate for the purposes of food preparation, walls should be painted plaster or tiled, works surfaces should ideally be stainless steel and floors should be non-slip tiles or laminate. These surfaces are usually easy to clean, however it’s important to have the right chemicals on hand to make sure a proper job is done of keeping the kitchen clean.

It is important to make sure that you also have the correct range of janitorial products that are required for a deep clean, with different colours for different areas; and if you’re not using disposable cloths then these need to be washed thoroughly in order to ensure they are in a condition that is fit for the purpose of cleaning food surfaces.  It is generally believed the best option in terms of cleaning cloths from a hygiene point of view, are microfiber cloths.

In terms of catering chemicals and cleaning products there are a number of things you should have on hand to keep your kitchen clean and hygienic:

–          Multi Surface cleaner – as the name suggests this is designed for a range of surfaces. This cuts through dirt grime and grease and is often alkali based, which means that it is generally safe on all hard surfaces.

–          Kitchen Sanitiser – does a similar job in terms of grime and dirt, but also has a bactericidal action which is a preventative measure against germs and bacteria, therefore making your surfaces safe for food preparation.

–          Oven and Grill Cleaner – this removes the grime and grease that can build up in a catering oven, and keeps them in a state that helps them function at their best and suitable for contact with food.

–          Heavy duty degreaser powder- ideal for doing a deep clean of a kitchen, this can be used on the floors in a strong concentration; or for cleansing surfaces in less concentrated doses.

–          Industrial bleach – good to use on floors and sinks in order to make sure no lingering germs are present.

As with all catering chemicals, it is important that these are handled with care and the instructions are followed, this is both for the safety of you and yourself, and to ensure that there are no mishaps which could lead to contamination of products.

All in all, it is important that you keep your kitchen clean and you have the right catering chemicals and janitorial products on hand in order to make sure you are adhering to health and safety standards for your industry.