How To Clean Your Kitchen In 15 Minutes

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Kitchen Cleaning Made Quick And Easy

When it comes to cleaning up around the home; most of us would rather be doing other things with our time! One of the most time consuming areas of the home to clean is the kitchen as it is a room that needs attention and cleaning on a daily basis. Here we look at some tips of how to clean your kitchen in 15 minutes (and if you don’t want to do the whole thing then there’s still some useful ideas!)

–          Get everything you need together before you even start – this way you have all that you need to hand and you will not be breaking of from the task in; which should limit the amount of time you need to spend.

–          If you know you are cooking something that requires a lot of cleaning it is wise to have a sink full of hot soapy water ready; for items that will need additional soaking, then make sure that you have a kettle to hand pre-boiled and add Cleaning Suppliesboiling water and high quality washing up liquid to heavily soiled pans.

–          Spray the work surfaces of your kitchen after making food and just before you start to eat; so that the active ingredients can be working to make your task easier. Alternatively lay a warm damp cloth on the heavily soiled area to help the cleaning process.

–          Declutter – when it comes round to cleaning your kitchen it is far easier to do so when you haven’t got unnecessary equipment and objects taking up space. When there is less clutter then the impression of more space is given, but also the kitchen will seem less messy and the task less arduous.

–          Make sure you wash out scourers and cloths after cleaning, as this will ensure that every time that you come to use them, they will be suitable for use; meaning that you can get on with the job at hand. It will also be easier to clean cloths straight after cleaning rather than letting dirt and grime set in.

–          Sprinkle baking soda on rubbish bags and in your bins. This neutralises odours, so if you get rid of  particularly pungent rubbish; your kitchen is not left with the odour lingering.

–          Baking soda is also extremely handy for cleaning things such as sinks; work surfaces and any other areas where you need some more abrasive cleaning power. This is complemented by the odour neutralising properties provided.

Most Important Aspect Of Kitchen Cleaning

The most important aspect of kitchen cleaning that you need to bear in mind; is that if you keep on top of your cleaning on a daily basis, then you make life easier and the need for a regular deep clean is massively reduced. Invest in the right cleaning products to make your tasks easier and you will be prepared for making your kitchen a tidy environment.