How To Choose A Roll Top Bath

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Cast Iron Bath With Claw FeetChoosing A Roll Top Bath

Now that the Christmas period is out of the way, and the winter season is still here, it is an ideal time to start looking into doing some home improvements. One area that will benefit from some extra care and attention is your bathroom.

The bathroom is a room that gets possibly the most frequent use and therefore one that perhaps deserves some special attention, in order to turn it into a relaxing welcoming environment where you can soak away in luxury. One of the best ways to do this is with a roll top bath.

A roll top bath makes for a great addition to a bathroom, adding a luxury element that isn’t present in terms of an off the shelf acrylic bath from a chain retailer. These baths have far less character and look nowhere near as attractive as a hand crafted roll top bath.

Types Of Roll Top Bath

When it comes to a roll top bath, there are a number of styles and types of roll tp bath, including:

–          Cast Iron Roll Top Bath – probably the style that most people are most familiar with, these roll top baths are associated with luxury and opulence. Often sitting on claw feet, these are deep and long roll top baths that retain heat well and can be painted to match the room they are in; or in a fashion that suits your tastes

–          Copper Roll Top Bath – another large luxurious type of roll top bath, which allows for a great relaxation experience. These differ from their cast iron counterparts however, as the have a hand polished copper surface, which adds a

Cast Iron Bath

Cast Iron Bath

stunning look to your bathroom and has a special depth of character.

–          Slipper Baths – Slipper roll top baths take their name from the fact that they are slightly deeper at one end than the other, therefore providing the bather with some support and a more comfortable bathing experience. Double slipper baths are also in existence whereby the ends are raised and the middle is lower, allowing for two bathers to fit in comfort.

–          Bateau Baths – Taken from the French word for boat, these roll tops baths are deep and luxuriously spacious, allowing the bather to relax and unwind. Bateau baths tend to either be constructed from cast iron or copper and are great at retaining heat for a better soak, and being free standing meaning they are more versatile..

Choosing A Roll Top Bath

When it comes to choosing a roll top bath, you need to take into consideration the room that you will be placing it in, and how it will look as the centrepiece for that. Some rooms may be better suited to a copper roll top bath for instance, whereas others may work better with a cast iron bath that has been painted to suit.

Overall it is about personal preference, as a roll top bath is a long term investment into your home and as such you need to pcik something that suits your home’s character as well as your own.