How to Care for Real Hair Wigs

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How to Look After Human Hair Wigs:

Once you have bought your human hair wig, you want to make sure it stays in tip-top condition for as long as possible. There any many ways to care for your real hair wig and this guide will help you take the right steps for gorgeous natural looking locks that stay beautiful all year round. What’s more, as human hair wigs are a pricey purchase, it’s important to treat them with the greatest care so you get to love them for even longer!

First things first, before washing your human hair wig you need to make sure there are no knots or tangles. So using a good quality wide-toothed comb, make sure you detangle your real hair wig prior to washing it. Detangling your wig is vital. Ignoring this step could make your wig impossible to brush or comb after washing it and ruin the softness of your real hair wig.

When washing your wig, the temperature of your water should be luke-warm. The water should never be too hot as this could cause damage. Fill a bowl with luke-warm water and immerse your wig in it. Once all the wig is wet, add a small amount of high quality wig shampoo. The Trendco Cool Comfort Shampoo is a great shampoo for real hair wigs. It has a blend of natural ingredients with anti-dandruff technology designed to feel great against your scalp when your real hair wig is worn. Simply spread evenly over you wig and gently comb through. Leave for around two minutes before rinsing with the tepid water.

The next step will ensure your human hair wig stays soft and glossy, having the all-important ‘real hair’ look. After shampooing, empty the bowl and refill with luke-warm water once again. This time use a high quality conditioner to strengthen and nourish the hair. The Trendco Cool Comfort Conditioner is a great conditioner to use with its combination of natural essential oils. Lightly comb through the conditioner and again, leave for a couple of minutes, then finally rinse the human hair wig with a cool water shower spray.

After the washing process, place your wig on a drying stand and let your wig dry naturally. Once your hair is dry the cleaning process is almost complete! Again, you can comb your real hair wig to make sure there are no tangles and finish the look with a fixing spray to maintain the style of your wig. The Trendco Freize Fixx Spray is a great product that creates a great finish and provides a long lasting fix.