How Much Do Real Hair Wigs Cost?

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Real hair wigs are highly sought after for their natural look and feel. They offer greater flexibility than synthetic wigs, as they can be colour treated and styled using heat appliances. Yet they also tend to be more expensive, and with prices varying dramatically, getting value for money can be tough. How much do real hair wigs cost? And moreover, how much should you be prepared to pay?

The Cost of Real Hair Wigs

Real hair wigSearch for human hair wigs in Google, and you’ll find that the prices range from £40 to £1,400. Quite a difference, right? Naturally, one is tempted to dive straight in and order the £40 wig – but then, the nagging voice of cynicism interrupts. “What’s the catch?”

Unless you know the ins and outs of wig production, it can be difficult to tell at first glance. Like most of the things that you buy, the cost of real hair wigs is generally a reflection of their quality, which in turn is determined by several different factors.

In the case of wigs, these factors include:

  • The quality of the materials used inside the wig
  • Whether the hair is European, Asian or Indian
  • Whether the wig is hand sewn or mass produced
  • Cap type (traditional, open cap, lace front or monofilament)
  • Length and volume
  • Brand

The most expensive real hair wigs are hand-crafted from European hair and have monofilament caps. They are made from high quality materials and tend to look the most natural. The cheapest real hair wigs are mass-produced from Asian or Indian hair and have a traditional or open cap. They are made from cheap materials and look the least natural.

How Much Should You Be Prepared to Pay?

How much do real hair wigs cost?Generally speaking, natural looking real hair wigs made from Asian or Indian hair cost around £300 – and provided you choose a reputable supplier, the more you pay, the better the quality of the wig will be.

That’s not to say that your wig won’t look natural unless you spend in excess of £1000. In many cases, the most expensive wigs are those made from European hair, and while this may be more similar to your own natural hair, it’s less durable than Indian or Asian hair. It’s therefore worth discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each type with your wigmaker before you make your final decision.

If all this sounds way above your budget, you would be better off spending your money on a good quality synthetic fibre wig than a poor quality real hair wig. Modern manufacturing methods have brought us a long way from the plasticky, fancy dress-style synthetic wigs of old, and you can now get amazingly natural looking synthetic wigs at very reasonable prices.

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