How Do I Create A Victorian Bathroom?

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The bathroom is a room where a lot of time is spent; and as such it is worth investing time and money to create an authentic look if you’re waning to go down the traditional Victorian bathroom route.

The traditional focal point of a Victorian Bathroom was a Cast Iron Bath – this is the era when they came to prominence and were seen as a status symbol.  Bathing up to this point wasn’t considered necessary as the cleanliness of clothes was seen as more of an indication of wealth and status. However as time moved on baths and bathing became seen as better for health and hygiene then those who could afford to have a personal bath tub would do so.

There are a number of different shapes and styles of Cast Iron Bath:salcombe-cast-iron-bath

–          Slipper baths – which are deeper at one end than the other and the taps tend to be at the shallower end

–          Bateau  or Double Ended Baths – these are baths that typically resemble a boat – they are deep in order to stop water spilling over and traditionally the taps are in the middle meaning the bather can face either way


When you have selected a traditional bath, then it is a nice finishing touch to add some classically styled taps, or room depending, add a standpipe as an additional feature and a way to add water. Some people may wish to consider adding a shower head as well depending on where they are putting the bath or whether they would prefer a separate shower.

Cast Iron Baths have an outer surface that can easily and quickly be painted and as such you can tailor them to a style that suits your bathroom’s colour scheme. And if you like to keep things fresh and change things often, then the bath is easy to paint over to suit the changes.

Once you have a bath, then the next feature to consider is the Basin. In a traditional Victorian Bathroom, these are usually Pedestal Basins. These tend to compliment a cast iron bath well, especially when finished with traditional brass or chrome taps – ideally in the same style as those used on the bath.

A Victorian toilet is another nice addition to helping create a traditional feel to a bathroom. There are a number of options available, for instance some have a raised cistern whereas others are at the same level as a modern toilet. This is all down to personal preference as to what you like and what suits your bathroom the best.

These are the main components but there are a lot of other things that can be done to make your bathroom unique. A traditional cast iron radiator adds warmth to the bathroom, as well as having an individual charm about it. Having a nice radiator also doubles up as a nice way to have warm dry towels ready for use.

When it comes to decorating there are a number of options, some people opt for tiles, whereas others go for a painted or wall papered bathrooms. Tiles have a tendency to nicely compliment a traditional bathroom and have the advantage of being easy to clean!

A traditional Victorian Bathroom is a style that will add a sense of character to any house, especially one that is from that era. It is certainly a matter of individual taste of how to go about creating a look that suits your own house, and there are a lot of great brands that will really help make  the room seem authentically styled.