How Action Songs Help Children Learn

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How Action Songs Benefit Primary School Children

Different people learn in different ways, and when it comes to primary school children, it is definitely worth experimenting to see how you can get them to pick up on ideas. Primary school is an important stage of a child’s development, and as such it is vital that parents and teachers make the most of all the resources available to them to help their children flourish.

Educational songs carry a vast array of benefits, especially for younger children, and with a little imagination you can use them to support virtually any topic. Action songs for primary school children are particularly effective, as they encourage deeper participation and make information easier to take on board.

The Benefits of Using Primary School Action Songs

There are many benefits to using action songs as a teaching resource in primary school classrooms:

–          Memory – accompanying catchy songs with actions will enable children to pick up and remember information more easily, by reinforcing the ideas you’re exploring.

–          Coordination – participating in action songs will gradually improve your pupils’ timing and coordination, especially if there are rounds or solo parts.

–          Confidence – primary school action songs for kids can encourage them to come out of their shells, helping build their confidence.

–          Learning style – most children are kinaesthetic learners to some degree, which means they learn and memorise information through ‘doing’ and movements. Action songs are ideal for building on this learning skill.

–          Language development – studies show that singing songs at an early age helps children to develop better language skills. This in turn can improve their vocabulary, spatial awareness and ability to communicate emotions.

–          Brain development – research has shown improvements in the brain development of young children who sing and/or are sung to on a regular basis.

–          Teacher and student bond – pupils will find it easier to connect with you if you sing primary school action songs with them. It will help you come across as more approachable and ‘fun’.


Are there any Songs in Particular that Are Best for Primary School Children?

When it comes to primary school action songs, there is no right or wrong way to go about using them; nor can I single out any in particular that work the best for your class. It all depends on how comfortable you make your pupils feel about expressing themselves and how you incorporate the songs into your lessons in such a way that they play both a fun and informative role.

Primary school action songs are an important educational resource. Using them to teach young children about topics like number, time and other so on facilitates learning, as they enable you to present subjects in a fun and engaging manner.