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6 Ways to Improve Ventilation in Your Home

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Unless implemented with the utmost of care, modern building measures designed to maximise space and increase airtightness can leave homes feeling hot and stuffy in the summer and damp in the winter. These top tips will help you improve ventilation in your home whilst preventing heat from escaping. Why is ventilation important? Temperature control is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. The correct ventilation will rid your home of excess moisture, minimising costly damp problems and preventing mould from accumulating. This is especially important if anyone in…read more

Benefits Of Choosing A Biomass Boiler

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When it comes to heating your home, then one of the main issues is how much it costs. A Biomass Boiler is often thought of as one of the best alternatives to the conventional gas boilers many of us have been used to, for it’s cost effectiveness as well as the benefits to the environment of using a more eco friendly solution. In remote countryside locations, then a Biomass Boiler can be the ideal solution to heating a home. Often these houses don’t a connection to the mains gas grid…read more