Funny School Nativity Plays: Bringing the Christmas Story to Life

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Using a Nativity Play to Liven Up the Christmas Story

As Christmas approaches, one problem that teachers face is how to teach their pupils about the nativity story. This story has been repeated for many generations, so some teachers may choose to put on funny school nativity plays in order to breathe fresh life into the story. Adding an element of humour can make it more appealing, relevant and enjoyable for the younger generation.

Different schools will of course have different ideas when it comes to the ideal nativity play script, with some choosing to go down the more traditional route, especially if their community holds strong Christian beliefs and values. In comparison, a culturally diverse community is likely to be more open to new ways of telling the story.

Ideas for Funny School Nativity Plays

Professionally written nativity play scripts can ease the pressure on you and anyone else organising the play, and will have been tried and tested, guaranteeing great results. Some ideas for funny school nativity plays include:

–          Tinsel and Tea Towels – a humorous Christmas musical for primary schools about the ways in which different schools across the country perform nativity plays

–          Christmas With The Aliens – a revised version of the traditional Christmas story featuring alien visitors on earth, who tell their interpretation of the story to the rest of the universe

–          Prickly Hay told from the perspective of an underappreciated stable boy. As the miraculous events of the night unfold, he finds himself in the centre of the nativity story and begins to realise his worth

–          Hey Ewe! – told from the point of view of a curious and excitable sheep, this play is full of catchy songs that pupils will love


Which is the Best Nativity Play for My Students?

There is a vast range of school nativity plays on offer to cater for different schools with different needs. Depending on the community in which your school is based, as well as the origins and beliefs of your students and their families, you should aim to pick a play that is appropriate for as many people as possible.

In a more traditional Christian community, it may be best to stick to conventional nativity play scripts. Those living in relatively diverse communities may be more suited to having a less conventional, perhaps humorous nativity play, such as Christmas with the Aliens. You could also try a play that tells the story from the point of view of the minor characters or even the animals to give a different perspective.

If you want to try out funny school nativity plays in your school, head over to They have a great range of scripts to choose from, including Tinsel and Tea Towels, Christmas with the Aliens and many others, all available to order online for fast delivery.