5 Stimulating and Fun Ways to Teach the Easter Story

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As Easter approaches, there’s usually one thing on children’s minds: chocolate. And with cute bunnies and chicks dominating homes, shops and TV channels, it can be easy for them to forget or overlook the true meaning behind Easter. Here you’ll find some fun ways to teach the Easter story that will keep children on their toes whilst reinforcing the significance of this important time of year.

Easter Activities

Bring the Easter story to life with these creative ideas for teachers, parents and Sunday schools

Easter songs

Easter songbookMusic provides one of the best and most enjoyable ways to help children understand and recall important concepts, and Easter is certainly no exception. With the cornucopia of Easter songs that have been composed over the centuries, you’ll have enough material to keep you singing all the way from Ash Wednesday to Pentecost. Try Out of the Ark for songbooks containing a great mix of fun and thought-provoking songs for Easter, all written by leading children’s songwriters.

Easter calendars

Take children through the key events of Lent and Easter in real time by making calendars together or using the below templates. Stick their calendars on the wall and have them take it in turns to colour in the days as you go along. Mark important milestones with short passages from the Bible and use these as starting points for teaching and discussion.

Easter poem – with chocolate!

Easter ChocolateRemind children why we celebrate this special time of year whilst satisfying their sweet tooth with this creative teaching idea for Easter. All you’ll need is enough M&Ms to go round and this free printable Easter poem, which covers Jesus’ death and resurrection and explains why He died on the cross for us that day.

Stained glass crosses

This is a great little Easter activity that will keep children’s hands busy whilst they learn about Jesus’ crucifixion, and the results are so pretty that they’re guaranteed to take pride of place at home. Stock up on coloured tissue paper and lollypop sticks and head over to this page for detailed instructions.

Paper plate resurrection craft

This 3D Easter craft activity will serve as a visual reminder of the story of the resurrection and is fun and easy to do with kids. Make sure you have plenty of thick paper plates, card, lollypop sticks and grey paint, and download your free step-by-step guide and print-outs here.

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