Finding the Right Wig for your Face Shape

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We all know that certain hairstyles suit some women more than others, largely because of the different face shapes we all have. Cutting your hair to suit your face shape is a must if you want to achieve the most flattering look. The same logic should be applied when buying a wig as a well thought out purchase can have gorgeous results.

Women may choose to wear a wig for a variety of reasons. A wig offers the chance of a completely different guise which is flexible and can be changed often dependent on your mood. A wig may also be purchased as a cover-up for the effects of illnesses such as cancer and alopecia. More often than not however, women are increasingly choosing wigs as a fashion trend, giving you a fabulous ready-made style that looks great all day.
So how do we know what wig will suit us best? This simple guide on face shape will help you decide on your perfect wig so read carefully and take note:

  • The Oval: The oval face shape is well proportioned with a jaw narrower than the cheekbones. Lucky you! If you have this face shape then you will suit almost any wig so the choice is yours!
  • The Square: The square face shape is characterised by a wide angular jaw which is the same width as the forehead. A wavy style would suit you best to break up the strong angles of your face,
  • The Circle: A round face shape usually consists of a wide hairline, a fullness of the cheeks and a circular form. A long, layered wig is the most flattering option as it will elongate your face shape.
  • The Heart: A heart face shape typically has a wide forehead, high angular cheekbones and narrow chin. This shape lends itself perfectly to the crop, tapered at the neck to emphasise your elfin features. A long wispy fringe should also be considered if youwish to draw attention away from the width of your forehead.

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