Essential Student Cleaning Products

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Cleaning your University House – What To Have In Store!student-flat

So A Level results have arrived, and the time has come to start making plans for what comes next. For those successful ones, then University is the next step. For most people this is going to be the first time that they have lived away from home and in some cases, this can come as a shock to the system.

One thing that often gets overlooked is that with this new found independence, also comes extra responsibility and chores, including that of keeping the place clean and tidy!  Uni isn’t all 90p shots and nights out, it’s a learning experience all round. Keeping the flat/house clean is an important factor for two reasons, firstly it will make a good impression to any newer acquaintances that you make while at uni; secondly if you keep things clean on an ongoing basis, then when house inspections and the inevitable changing houses at the end of the year comes; it’s not a huge task to get things in order. The more prepared you are by having cleaning products to hand the easier life will be.

So what do you need?


Some Essential Cleaning Products

There are a whole range of things that you could take to uni; in terms of keeping the place clean and being practical. If you’re not moving into halls with strangers but moving in with people you know, then the burden of cleaning products and can be eased by all chipping in. Rather than just go to the local supermarket and grab big name brands off the shelf, it may be worth looking into planning for the year and buying wholesale quantities of products to keep costs down and mean you’re always prepared.

–  Microfiber cloths – these cloths are hard-wearing and versatile. Ideal for a range of surfaces, because of the way they are made up, they are often the most hygienic method of cleaning without spreading bacteria from one place to another.

Bin bags – these are essential, as the rubbish will mount up from food and general living, having a sturdy bin liner means that you are going to have to clean the inside of your bin less, which is always a bonus as this is never a pleasant job!

Washing up liquid – Unless you plan on living off takeaways and microwave meals in plastic trays, then having a supply of washing up liquid is a good idea. It can be used to wipe down surfaces when mixed with hot water and keep the place clean, and will make sure that you have clean crockery and cutlery, which is always a bonus as when you’re sharing a flat the washing up tends to pile up.

Multi surface cleaner – you’ll want to keep your kitchen and bathroom clean, so a good multi surface cleaner will help you keep the place clean and hygienic and can be used throughout the property. These products kill germs and bacteria

Bleach – bleach is handy to have around, suitable for cleaning your toilets; drains and sinks, in order to prevent odours and germs. Alongside this it is a good way to cut through grime when cleaning floors and tiles – it is advisable to wear gloves and avoid it making contact with your skin when using it!

Rubber Gloves – suitable for washing up, and general cleaning, they will keep your hands safe from any cleaning chemicals, especially recommended if you have sensitive skin.

A Mop – you’ll need to keep the kitchen and bathroom floor clean, and when there are a number of people in a small space then grime and dirt builds up quickly. One cost saving tip is to buy the parts separately, so you buy an aluminium handle and then buy a broom head and a mop head, making the two interchangeable and also taking up less space!

A bucket – this is multifunctional, as it can be used for cleaning your surfaces and worktops etc; as well as being the bucket you use for mopping. Furthermore, when you’re not cleaning, it becomes a handy storage space for the rest of your cleaning products, meaning that you have some additional space when they’re not needed!

Clean As You Go

These cleaning products are all extremely useful, however there are a lot more that could be used. If you’re living with people you’ve known a while or have a good relationship with, then it would be good to work together to keep things clean. If one isn’t a fan of washing up and the other prefers doing it, then swap that job with them, so that people get along better and you have a greater sense of community in the house!