Essential Janitorial Products

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What Are Janitorial Products

The term janitorial products, covers a range of different items that can be used to keep your premises clean. Different businesses will have different needs in terms of cleanliness and hygiene, as it often boils down to what it is that your business does.

For example care homes and medical facilities need to have a lot of hygiene measures in place, in order to quell the spread of infections to the vulnerable people in their care. Catering and hospitality need to have hygienic routines due to dealing with guests and often food. In terms of the office environment; it is best to ensure that everything is clean and hygienic in order to encourage a good working environment and make the premises appealing to those that visit on business.

Essential Janitorial Products

No matter what your business, there are a number of essential janitorial products that you should invest in, so that you have a welcoming clean environment for all those that use it. Some of these janitorial products include:

–          Utility Trolley – one way to make your life easier when undertaking a large scale clean – especially in an environment such as catering or hospitality is a utility trolley. This can have a variety of clipped on accessories, for example a refuse bag; cutlery trays; storage for dirty linens. The versatility of one of these will ensure that you can be prepared for a range of different cleaning requirements, as well as being able to transport your other janitorial products

–          Multi Surface Cleaner – work surfaces, desks and other areas can easily collect grime and dirt, therefore it is important to have a good multi surface cleaner that will keep desks and other surfaces clean, in order to prevent the spread of germs and to easily clean surfaces to make the office attractive and appealing therefore this is one of the most useful janitorial products.

–          Micro Fibre Cloths – whatever janitorial products you favour, in terms of chemicals, micro fibre cloths are the ideal way in which to ensure that when you are cleaning you don’t spread bacteria and grime from surface to surface, due to the way that they are made, trapping dirt between layers.

–          Gloves – one of the most important factors to consider when using janitorial products is personal safety. Investing in some high quality hygienic gloves is one way to do encourage this, so as to protect yourself, as well as to minimise the spread of infection or contamination.

Other Janitorial Product Recommendations

Alongside this list of essential janitorial products, there are a whole host of other potential products that you can invest in. One of the major factors to consider in terms of janitorial products, is what kind of needs you will have.

For example if you have to handle infection control and similar other strict considerations, then you need to invest in high quality products that will prevent spreading and multiplying bacteria.