Entertaining Songs for Children’s School Assemblies

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Choosing Primary School Songs For Assemblies

School assemblies are a great time to bring your entire school together to take part in festivities, to learn a broader message and to participate in some fantastic primary school songs. School assemblies are a special occasion if they aren’t held regularly, as it is an opportunity for all the school to be in the same place at once, which doesn’t always happen.

Therefore it is nice to add a little bit of magic into the experience by adding in some entertaining songs for children, so that whatever the theme of the assembly the children get caught up in the message and also to help them develop as people.

How Primary School Assembly Songs Help Your Pupils Develop

Not only are Primary school assembly songs a great way to have fun in an assembly but they have a broad range of benefits for the development of your pupils including:

–          Language Development – singing really helps children, especially at a young age in terms of their vocabulary and pronunciation. This helps them as it will carry over into other areas of their lives and their speech and interaction with others will benefit.

–          Confidence – when your students are given the chance to sing in part of a group, then they will grow in confidence, as they are in a situation where everyone else is doing the same thing, and they can slowly discover their singing voice and then if they wish carry it over to singing alone in plays or performances.

–          Self Expression – following on from confidence and language development, your pupils will develop a better ability to express themselves in a whole range of social situations and will become better at being able to articulate their point of view in the classroom.

Great Examples Of Entertaining Songs For Children’s School Assemblies

When it comes to primary school songs, the best way to get children really involved is by using interesting and exciting songs, some examples of this include:

–          Sing Together – a collection school assembly songs from leading writers that are all about the themes of unity, belonging and friendship; all brought to life with the feel good factor of singing.

–          Sing Harvest – a fantastic collection of assembly songs based around the harvest festival period, and covers a range of topics such as harvest time, sowing seeds and giving thanks. All made more lively with actions and catchsongbooky melodies.

–          Niki Davies Every Day Songs – a great range of songs about everyday life, covering topics like getting dressed, looking after yourself and tidying up. These songs help your pupils understand everyday life in a fun and exciting way.

–          Songs for every assembly – this collection of assembly songs are great for a whole range of topics, all backed by catchy melodies and memorable lyrics, that will really make any assembly seem like a great experience.

 Choosing School Assembly Songs

When it comes to choosing the right primary school assembly songs, then you need to take into account the sort of topics you want to deliver to your children, whether it is for a specific age group or the whole school – as younger children will have a lower ability than their older peers; and whether or not you need to choose secular