Easter Songs For Kids!

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Celebrate With Easter Songs

Although it seems like a long way into the future as a school it is worth starting to think in advance about how to teach your children about Easter by using Easter songs. Easter is an important time of the year, both in terms of the school calendar and in terms of traditions in the childrens wider lives.

One of the best resources in terms of teaching about Easter, is that of Easter songs. School songs are a great way to help your children develop in the broader sense of development, and also a good way to help spread the important moral lessons of the Easter story.

If you have a more secular school, or your community is fairly broad in terms of the way that it is made up, then focusing on the Christian elements of the Easter story may not be the best option; however you can still teach your children about al the ideas and themes that Easter symbolises and about the moral elements of the story.

The Benefits of Teaching With Easter Songs

Not only are Easter songs a great delivery method to teach your pupils but they have an array of additional benefits too which can help your pupils, some of these include:

–          Confidence – by getting the opportunity to sing as part of a group, your class will start to feel confident in expressing themselves and this  will have a noticeable effect on their persona in terms of every day life and will help them deal with situations like group interaction

–          Expressing Themselves – when the children have the confidence they will also feel comfortable in  being able to express how they feel about things and generally be able to be more in touch with how to articulate and deliver what they want to say.

–          Language Development – singing is a great way to help develop your childrens language skills, both in terms of boosting their vocabulary and letting them pick up some new words; as well as also helping them get a better grasp of the pronunciation of some new words. Easer songs will help with their use of language in the wider world.

Examples Of  Good Easter Songs To Use This Year

–          Sing Easter – this collection of Easter songs by leading childrens song writers, is designed to help your class get into the spirit of Easter with a combination of 16 great songs and 3 vocal warm ups so that your children learn the way to prepare for singing.

–          Songs For Every Easter – written by Mark And Helen Johnson, this collection of Easter songs is a lively catchy way to teach your class about the meanings of Easter and the spring season. These songs will help you to spread the message of Easter in a fun appealing way!

–          A Spring Thing – for those who want a little more of a secular perspective on the time of year, then a spring thing is the ideal collection for you. Packed with 30 songs all about the spring season, this is a  book of Easter songs with something for every one

Choosing The Right Easter Songs For You

There are no right or wrong Easter songs to choose, as the activity of singing itself is of great benefit for your children. If you are in a more secular school, then you may wish to take a less traditional approach to Easter songs; whereas a mainly Christian school would be more suited to having traditional Easter songs