Easter Assembly Ideas for Primary Schools

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If you’re looking to conduct a school assembly this Easter, look no further. These Easter assembly ideas for primary schools include links to a variety of carefully chosen scripts, songbooks and resources for KS1 and KS2 to help you find the perfect songs and readings for your school.

Easter Assembly Songs for Children

Easter assembly songsSinging is always a great way to kick-start an assembly and help everyone reflect on what they have learned at the end. Find two or three catchy Easter songs to coincide with your readings, with a good mix of Christian and secular messages to appeal to the beliefs of everyone present. This will help the children consolidate their knowledge whilst keeping the assembly fun and engaging.

Easter Assembly Scripts for Faith Schools

If you’re looking to convey a primarily Christian message, there are several free assembly scripts online that you may find helpful when recounting the Easter story. Assemblies.org.uk has a great selection of scripts covering everything from the events of Palm Sunday to the significance of Hot Cross Buns and Easter eggs. Not just informative, they also encourage moral and spiritual reflection.

Easter Assembly Ideas for Secular Schools

For secular schools, such strong emphasis on the story of Jesus could leave those of non-Christian belief feeling marginalised. However, to ignore it altogether would be to dismiss an essential component of our culture. As John Viner of Optimus Education puts it:

“Irrespective of faith and belief, religious festivals are an essential component of understanding diversity, tradition and culture.”

He suggests that secular Easter assemblies cover a combination of popular cultural elements and religious story to celebrate these important traditions whilst preventing any confusion. For example, you could explore the cultural and religious significance of spring, Easter eggs or spring cleaning, clearly differentiating between religion and folklore to give a well-rounded perspective.

Easter Assembly Resources and Further Reading

Assemblies.org.uk – Large collection of assembly scripts for schools, provided by The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (SPCK).

Easter Eggs: History, Origin, Symbolism And Traditions – Jahnabi Barooah (Huffington Post)

Out of the Ark Music – Musical resources for children, with a good selection of Easter songbook containing a mix of religious and secular songs to suit primary school children of all ages and beliefs.

The Meaning of Easter – Guide to the cultural and spiritual significance of Easter (Netmums)

The Pagan Roots of Easter – Heather McDougall (The Guardian)