Dosimeters & Capturing the Real Noise Levels in Your Workplace

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In the ever-evolving legal environment of today, it is more important than ever to ensure a keen focus on health and safety best practices. But noise measurement is just one of the many tasks that need to be implemented in order to comply with workplace regulations.

What is needed is a noise monitoring instrument that is designed with the busy health and safety professional in mind; an intuitive device that can provide its duty with the minimum of hassle and training.

And there is such a device. The Pulsar doseBadge system is a unique and innovative solution designed to make noise measurement effortless. While fully complying with regulations, these personal noise dosimeters take simplicity to the next level with everything you need supplied within one user-friendly system package.

noise dosimeter

The doseBadge is compact, extremely robust and lightweight, and has no cables or controls, reducing the risk of damage or misuse. However, its simplicity and compactness do not come at the expense of its functionality. The device communicates with an infra-red reader unit, which controls the doseBadge to program, calibrate, start-stop, download and store measurements.

The reader unit features a large, clear backlit screen upon which all key measurement parameters can be viewed. This screen also displays a graph to show workers’ daily noise exposure over time. Raw data is analysed and transformed into informative reports using Pulsar’s intuitive dBLink3 software, making reporting much quicker and easier, and leaving considerably less room for error.

The dosimeter’s compactness and portability make its applications far-reaching and many. It is ideal for workers who regularly move from one location to the next as well as those who work with moving machinery and in areas that are difficult to reach. Examples include the manufacturing, construction, entertainment, transport, emergency service and printing sectors among many others.

pulsar dosebadge

Pulsar’s noise dosimeters will save your health and safety staff time and hassle, in turn cutting costs. Being a self-contained unit, it allows you to ‘capture reality’ with very little margin for error, ensuring the safety of your workers and preventing your business from falling victim to any legal claims.

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