Designing A Bathroom Around A Cast Iron Bath

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Create A Stylish Look Around A Cast Iron Bath

Your bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in your home. Therefore it is important that you take just as much consideration over this as you would a living room or a bedroom, as if you and your family are spending time in here it needs to be inviting.

One way to really make your bathroom a striking and luxurious feature of your house, is by adding a cast iron bath. As the name suggests these are baths crafted from cast iron, which will be unique to you, and will set your home apart from those of your friends!

Benefits Of A Cast Iron Bath double-ended-cast-iron-bath

As well as looking stunning, there are a number of benefits of a cast iron bath such as:

–          Heat Retention – because of the material used to construct it, cast iron bath is ideal for retaining heat, meaning you have longer warm baths and not have to keep adding water

–          Size – cast iron baths tend to be larger than a standard tub in terms of depth and length allowing for a more luxurious soak in a more comfortable environment.

–          Strength – compared to a normal off the shelf bath, a cast iron bath is a lot stronger and as such should have a much longer lifespan, and which also helps avoid scratching.

–          Cleaning – Cast Iron Baths are incredibly easy to clean, and more hygienic than an acrylic bath, meaning that they look nice and stay looking nice comparatively easily

–          Customisation – another bonus of a cast iron bath, is the ease with which they can be customised. The exterior surface can easily be painted to a colour that compliments or matches your bathroom in order to create a seamless flow. As well as this free standing cast iron baths offer the opportunity to have a bath in your bedroom.

What Else Can I Compliment My Cast Iron Bath With?

Alongside your cast iron bath, you can create a stunning traditional bathroom by choosing the right accessories and other pieces of bathroom furniture. Some ideas to compliment your cats iron bath include:

–          A Victorian Wash Basin – these classic pieces of bathroom furniture looks great in a whole range of styles and designs, for those who want something a little different you could choose to add a black sink and create a theme around that.

–          Victorian Toilet – If you have a bathroom that has the toilet in the same room, then picking one that matches your sink is an important part of bathroom design; so as to create a flowing theme that has continuity.

–          Plantation Shutters – these are a classic window covering that can suit any window, giving a huge amount of character and style to any room and the perfect accompaniment for your cast iron bath.

–          Cast Iron Radiator – make your bathroom more inviting using a cast iron radiator. This will also compliment the rest of the suggestions here, and will help to add the finishing touches to a classically styled bathroom.

Isn’t  A Cast Iron Bath Expensive?

Cast iron baths, can be a little more expensive than other forms of bath, however they should be viewed as an investment. If you are going to be putting time and effort into revamping your bathroom, then treating yourself and your loved ones is a good idea, and the value that a stunning bathroom with a cast iron bath can add is huge; should you come to decide you wish to sell your home.

Adding in some stylish plantation shutters into your bathroom will help you to be able to create atmosphere, as well as adding even more value, due to the energy saving and security bonuses that plantation shutters provide you with. Plantation Shutters