How Custom Shelving Solutions Can Help Your Sales Figures

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Using Shelving Solutions To Drive Sales In A Convenience Store

One Stop is a huge UK retail chain, with outlets in a whole range of UK towns and cities, providing goods conveniently to all manner of people, from magazines to margarine. However recent developments using one of their branches as a concept store outlined the importance of shelving solutions in driving sales, and can be used as a text book example for those who  need to make the most of limited floor space in their store.

The One Stop Example, involved their new concept store being opened in a new housing development in Takeley in Priors Green, Essex. This gave them a customer base that would be looking to for convenience when it opened. Two key factors were combined in order to help make the Takeley store a success: choosing products to suit the demographic of the clientele that would visit the store, and meticulously designing and planning the store to maximise sales opportunities.

Taking a lead from some of One Stop’s other innovations – notably the ‘Post Office Local’, One Stop and Shelving Solutions worked together to bring fresh ideas of design to the way the store was laid out. Using a range of shelving and retail innovations, as well as meticulous planning design and testing, One Stop and Shelving Solutions have delivered an experience that is more like visiting a high end supermarket than a corner shop.

One of the key areas that One Stop wished to promote, was that of fresh produce, which isn’t overly common in many convenience stores. Therefore it was necessary to tailor shelving such as purpose built bakery shelving, as well as shelving for fresh fruit and vegetables. Specialist low level chiller cabinets to help promote products such as salads and fresh produce were installed. One Stops figures have shown that this approach has had exceptional results, as their sales figures on these products are exceptional; products that aren’t available in great variety in most convenience stores.

One area that has also proved hugely beneficial to the store, has been making use of promotional displays and mobile merchandising stands; which can be moved to any location in or outside the store. The store manager and staff can then ensure that these are placed in the best possible locations in order to maximise sales from putting relevant products in locations that will catch the eye of people – so for example positioning products on offer near to complimentary products in order to boost the number of products sold.

Another successful measure that has set this concept store aside from other convenience stores, is the use of different materials. Using timber cladding and paneling alongside more subtle colours such as olive green and burgundy, have made the shop have a totally different feel to other branches f the same chain.

Therefore when you are looking into designing the layout for your own store – whether you are starting from scratch, or you are refurbishing an existing store there is a lot to take into consideration. The shelving solutions you choose are a big factor, as they need to be suitable for the range of products that you intend on selling, and the aesthetics of the way they are created can also have an affect on how your customers perceive your store!

If you own or run a convenience store of any size, then contact Shelving Solutions, and see how their team of experts can help you to fit out your store in a way that allows you to really drive sales, therefore improving your profits and making your store a success.