Creating A Luxury Bathroom

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Why Create A Luxury Bathroom?

Home design is a time that can be stressful for a lot of people as it involves a lot of planning, upheaval and effort. Therefore it is important to make sure that when you undertake some home improvement you have your ideas in place and you create something you’re passionate about. After all of this however you are going to want some ‘me time’ and therefore somewhere to relax and unwind.

On place that makes a tranquil soothing place to relax as well  as somewhere that can make for being a centrepiece to your house is your bathroom. Creating a luxury bathroom is one way to ensure that you have a space in your home that is somewhere to unwind and escape from life, by investing in high quality products that allow you to make the most of your personal time.salcombe-cast-iron-bath

What Can Make Up A Luxury Bathroom?

In order to create a luxury bathroom, some of the items that you may consider include:

–          A Roll Top Bath – a roll top bath makes the ideal centrepiece to a luxury bathroom. These are the epitome of opulence and classic styling. These baths made from either copper or cast iron are stunning to look at and allow a deeper soaking experience, as well as allowing for more room to stretch out. Alongside this their construction allows for better heat retention.  The roll top bath is the ultimate addition to any luxury bathroom.

–          Victorian Basin and Toilet – in order to continue the traditional opulent theme, then having a combination of a Victorian or other traditional basin and sink in your bathroom will help to continue the theme of having  a classic look, as well as luxury due to the tendency to be constructed from higher quality materials than those from major chain retailers.  In terms of looks and the materials involved traditional bathroom furniture tends it have a better quality that the modern equivalent.

–          Cast Iron Radiator – to add to the traditional feel in your luxury bathroom even further, then a cast iron radiator is one way to supplement this. The ideal way to keep your bathroom warm as well as being suited to keep you towels warm and dry – a much more attractive prospect than modern bathroom radiators.

–          Colour Scheme – choosing a colour scheme to compliment the notion of luxury and opulence is another way to help to create a luxury bathroom. Colours that suggest luxury opulence and wealth include purples, especially of a deep nature, as they suggest a premium product alongside gold’s, and deep reds. Use this as a colour scheme for your wall as, carpets and window coverings

Other Ideas For Creating A Luxury Bathroom

As your Luxury Bathroom will likely be your sanctuary away from the outside world, then it is important that you make it both appealing and relaxing to be in so as to unwind in peace. Having good quality window coverings can help with this, for example plantation shutters can help you to choose the right level of light to suit you and therefore help create atmosphere.

Alongside in this choosing plush carpets or rugs, to suit the towels that you will use can help to augment the feeling of luxury. Combine this with some scented candles, then you can create a luxury bathroom environment that will be a pleasure for all of the senses and allow you to unwind in your own special environment.