How Do I Create A Traditional Victorian Bathroom?

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Bathroom Design Tips

Traditional Victorian Bathrooms are a popular style to have in a number of houses. The traditional bathroom is often suited to an older house, but it is a look that translates into a modern house too. This era was associated with growing prosperity and as such the Cast Iron Bath Company aim to help create a bathroom that reflects this.

So What Do You Need To Create A Traditional Victorian Bathroom?

–          Cast Iron Or Roll Top Bath– This is the focal point of a traditional bathroom, and opens up a range of design possibilities, as these baths come in a range of shapes and sizes, such as the slipper bath, or the double ended roll top bath. These are deeper than a standard bath allowing for a more relaxing soaking experience, as well as the material retaining heat for longer. These baths often don’t have the taps included, which adds a further dimension of customisation

–          Toilet- assuming that your bathroom has the toilet in the bathroom and not as a separate entity. Victorian toilets are of a timeless design, and come in a range of styles and options, for example they can have a high or low cistern, which can then be finished with a pull chain to add a traditional feel.

–          Basin/Sink – typically wash basins in a Traditional Victorian Bathroom are a pedestal basin, which takes up a low amount of space and is usually finished off with brass or chrome taps. Alternatively to a pedestal basin, you can opt for an ornate metal wash stand which adds an extra touch of style to the bathroom.

–          Radiator/towel rail –adding a cast iron radiator can be an attractive way to add heat and an additional finishing touch to your traditional Victorian bathroom. Alternatively adding in a chrome heated towel rail adds a different look, but still add an pleasing visual and help with the warmth of the room.

–          Accessories – this is where your bathroom becomes unique, adding taps and handles as finishing touches, the placement of a mirror or a fancy soap dish can make your bathroom stand out on its own.

When you know what you want in your bathroom in terms of furniture, then you can think about other design points, such as whether you will have tiles, carpet or floorboards on the floor, and what colour you want your bathroom to be. In terms of colour there are no defined colours that say Victorian, but dark greens and reds provide a luxury feel, whereas pastels and lighter colours allow for a feel of space..

When it comes to creating a traditional Victorian Bathroom, then there are a number of options, it all comes down to individual taste, the Cast Iron Bath Company, can provide help and ideas of what will work well in combination with other ideas and products.